During Founder Janet Green’s 2014 trip to Kakinada, India she was taken to pray for the families living in fishing boats in the community of Pagdalapeta. After leaving the site and driving to another part of Kakinada she felt led to supply clean drinking water to the children and their families.

The heart of Watch These Kids Bloom is to treat the whole person. We believe that the connection needs to start somewhere so we began supplying them with clean drinking water. This not only helps them be healthy, but it builds relationship and trust as we become part of their lives.  This small act of kindness allows us to minister to these people. We continue to see their lives flourish years later, from what began as a small seemingly insignificant gift as clean drinking water.

We have also added distribution of milk to the children of Pagdalapeta and continue to see their heath dramatically improve.  Our heart is also to feed these children. Our prayer is for continued financial support to expand our programs. 

Will you be one to help bring fresh water to these children?

Pictures from our 2nd trip to India - Bringing relief to families living in fishing boats in Pagdalapeta.

Happiness blossoms where ever one plants seeds of love and kindness in the hearts of others.
— Melanie Koulouris