Our belief at Watch These Kids Bloom is that in order to reach the heart of a person they must have their basic needs met first.  Once these basic needs are met people can begin to see the love and kindness of the offering. When done out of a pure heart, it begins to open the door to trust which then allows us to reach them in other areas of their lives.

Our first community feeding program began in January of 2013 with the hopes of feeding children in the home as well as some of the children in a local community. We never imagined how many children we were going to feed on such a small budget.  This small hope has flourished into a community program touching many lives.

Our hope is to expand these programs into other surrounding communities to touch the lives of even more children than we could ever imagine.

Will you be one to help feed these children?

Pictures from Project Battle Cry - Bringing relief to local families.

A flower cannot blossom without sunshine and man cannot live without love.
— Max Muller