We Love the Children Others Have Left Behind...

When a child comes to us, initially, we take care of their physical needs (shelter, food, school and spiritual education, health care). Once those are met, we provide love in tangible way so they understand they are important and are valuable. We provide the attention each child needs to feel safe in order to begin developing within their given age group.

Because these children come from the surrounding communities we are usually able to discuss each situation so that we can understand the background of each child in crisis and help them through the traumatic events they have experienced.  

When a child arrives, he or she is immediately fed, given a bath, and taught other hygienic routines. Our goal is to have each child involved in standard daily routines. This helps them establish a "new norm" and begin to thrive in their own ways. Depending on the age of the child we begin assessing their level of education and establish a personalized plan. We believe that everyone is body, mind and spirit, so spiritual education and church activities are also added as another key component.

They are shown love and support through gentle guidance and patience to become acclimated to their new environment as well as the other children in the home.

We focus on the love and connection of family and our current children have proven our methods are working. All of the children came in extremely traumatized and each one is now thriving and living a very happy and productive lives.