Many people mistake our work for our vocation. Our vocation is the love of Jesus.
— Mother Teresa

The Founders

Janet Green and Kurt Swart have been personally financing ministries that help the less fortunate in USA, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Africa, China, Mexico, South America, and throughout the world since 1987.  Now as we continue to finance those ministries, we have partnered in the hopes of creating a bigger impact to other parts of the world beginning in 2014.

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Janet Green was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, (San Jose, Ca) and graduated from Piedmont Hills Highschool and currently lives in San Jose, Ca.
Janet has worked in the Silicon Valley since 1989 in the high tech industry and currently working for Adobe Systems, Inc.   
Janet spent many years volunteering with CASA as a court appointed child advocate for children in the foster care system. 

Kurt Swart was born and raised in the Midwestern USA and moved to California after graduating with college degrees in both chemistry and biology.
Kurt has been the owner of a Consulting company since 1987.
Kurt is currently living overseas working for one of the largest petro-chemical companies in the world.

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Watch These Kids Bloom
Watch These Kids Bloom

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Watch These Kids Bloom

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Watch These Kids Bloom
Watch These Kids Bloom

Reflections from Janet on what captured her heart on her first trip to India

My first trip to India was July 2014.  I did not know what I would experience and traveled there with no expectations.  I fell in love with the children and the people, I never imagined I would have experienced the honor, love and respect they all showered upon me.   Although I could not communicate with them other than through my partner it did not lessen the interaction, because love and honor when given freely has no barriers to break through. I felt like they were family and that I had known them my entire life. I miss them everyday and look forward with excitement to my next visit.