According to Global Orphan crisis – facts and statistics there are over 150+ Million orphaned children in the world.  

Although as they point out that is not an accurate number because an orphan is referred to as a child losing both parents (double orphan.)  This number does not include undocumented children living on the streets, children with one parent (single orphan) that cannot care for them, children with extended family that are not able to provide shelter and care, children not living in an institutional orphanage.  We will never be able to have an accurate count of children in need but we know the faces of the children in our reach.

Watch These Kids Bloom is dedicated to helping the children God places into our lives. We focus on the one’s we can help and believe they too will someday help children like them.

Together we can change the lives of hundreds if not thousands of orphaned and neglected children around the world.

Will you be one of the many to help by financially partnering with us?

Be the change you want to see in the world.
— Gandhi