A Bloom Center is a place where orphaned and neglected children can call home.  These children are cared for in a family environment where they are loved by people they come to call "family"

A Bloom Center is more than an orphanage, it is a home where kids can be kids and not be burdened with the cares of the world. They are given shelter, food, medical and dental care, spiritual education, physical fitness and are sent to public school within the community.  They are also learning to become self sustaining.

The Bloom Center is motivated by the belief that we are all children of God, regardless of our ages; that every person is a unique individual that is loved and valuable. 

Our desire is that anyone connected to us through our children in the home, the church, or through our community outreaches will blossom into the amazing people God intended for them to be.

Children who have strong, happy foundations are free to blossom, grow and soar.
— Randi G. Gire
Shopping for everyday essentials…

Shopping for everyday essentials…